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If it's not too much trouble deliberately read these terms of utilization. By utilizing this site you demonstrate your comprehension and acknowledgement of these terms. On the off chance that you don't consent to these terms, you may not utilize this site. These are the terms and conditions administering your utilization of the Site ("hereinafter alluded to as Acceptable Use Policy "AUP"). By getting to www.putindia.com either through the site or some other electronic gadget, you recognize, acknowledge and consent to the accompanying terms of the AUP, which are intended to ensure that www.putindia.com works for everybody. This AUP is viable from the time you sign in to www.putindia.com. By tolerating this AUP, you are additionally tolerating and consenting to be bound by the Privacy Policy and the Listing Policy.

Utilizing www.putindia.com

You concur and comprehend that www.putindia.com is a web empowered electronic stage that encourages correspondence for the reasons for publicizing and dispersing data relating to merchandise as well as administrations. You further concur and comprehend that we don't support, advertise or advance any of the postings, postings or data, nor do we anytime come into ownership of or participate in the circulation of any of the products and additional benefits, you have posted, recorded or gave data about on our site. While interfacing with different clients on our site, as for any posting, posting or data we emphatically urge you to practice sensible ingenuity as you would in conventional disconnected channels and practice judgment and presence of mind before focusing on or finish the proposed deal, acquisition of any products or administrations or trade of data. We prescribe that you read our Safety tips before doing any movement on our site. While utilizing www.putindia.com classifieds and different administrations, for example, the conversation discussions, remarks and criticism and different administrations, you will post in the suitable classification or region and you concur that your utilization of the Site will be carefully represented by this AUP including the arrangement for posting of your Classified which will not damage the disallowed and limited things strategy (hereinafter alluded to as the Listing Policy.) (Listing Policy) The posting approach will be perused as a major aspect of this AUP and is joined right now method for reference: a. "Your Information" is characterized as any data you give to us or different clients of the Site during the enlistment, posting, posting or answering procedure of classifieds, in the criticism zone (assuming any), through the conversation discussions or throughout utilizing some other element of the Services. You concur that you are the legitimate proprietor having all rights, title and enthusiasm for your data, and further concur that you are exclusively mindful and responsible for Your Information and that we go about as a minor stage for your online dissemination and production of Your Information. b. You concur that your posting, posting or potentially Information: • will "not be fake, distort, delude or relate to the offer of any illicit, fake, taken merchandise as well as administrations • will not relate to great, administrations of which you are not the legitimate proprietor or you don't have the power or agree to 'list' which don't have a place with you or you don't have the expert for • will not encroach any protected innovation, competitive advantage, or other restrictive right or privileges of exposure or security of any outsider; • will not comprise of material that is a declaration of extremism, prejudice or disdain dependent on age, sexual orientation, race, religion, standing, class, way of life inclination, and nationality and additionally is in the idea of being injurious, offensive to any outsider; • will not be profane, contain erotic entertainment or contain "foul portrayal of ladies" inside the importance of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986. • will not disperse or contain spam, various/junk letters, or fraudulent business models in any of its structures; • will not disseminate infections or whatever other advancements that may hurt www.putindia.com or the interests or property of www.putindia.com clients or force a nonsensical burden on the framework or meddle with the correct working of www.putindia.com; • will not, legitimately or in a roundabout way, offer, endeavour to offer, exchange or endeavour to exchange any merchandise and ventures, the managing of which is disallowed or limited in any way under the arrangements of any material law, rule, guideline or rule until further notice in power. • will not be put in an off-base classification or an inaccurate zone of the webpage; • will not be put in some other www.putindia.com website aside from on the website that identifies with the city wherein you are found; • will not rundown or post or relate to data that is either disallowed or limited under the laws of the Republic of India and such posting, posting or data will not disregard www.putindia.com's Listing Policy • You agree to get interchanges by email, call or by such other method of correspondence, electronic or in any case identified with the administrations gave through the site. c. You concur that your posting, posting as well as Information: if you utilize the Site by enlisting on the Site, you are answerable for keeping up the secrecy of your User ID, secret word, email address and for limiting access to your PC, PC framework, PC arrange and your www.putindia.com record, and you are liable for all exercises that happen under your User ID and secret word. If you get to the Site utilizing any electronic gadget by some other means than enrollment on the Site, the AUP stays relevant to you in a similar way as though you are an enlisted client on the Site.


Utilization of www.putindia.com, either by enrollment or by some other methods, is accessible just to people, who are Citizens of the Republic of India, who are 18 yrs old enough or more and people who can go into a legitimately restricting agreement, or potentially are not banned by any law for now in power. If you get to www.putindia.com, either by enrollment on the Site or by some other methods, not as an individual however for the benefit of a legitimate element, you speak to that you are completely approved to do as such and the posting, posting or data set on the site for the benefit of the lawful substance is your obligation and you consent to be responsible for the equivalent to different clients of the Site.

Maltreatment of www.putindia.com

You consent to educate us if you run over any posting or posting that is hostile or disregards our posting approach or encroaches any protected innovation rights by tapping on the accompanying connection support@putindia.com to empower us to keep the site working proficiently and in a sheltered way. We claim all authority to bring down any posting, posting or data and additionally restrain or end our administrations and further take all sensible specialized and lawful strides to forestall the abuse of the Site with regards exactly and soul of this AUP and the posting strategy. In the occasion, you experience any issues with the utilization of our site or administrations you are mentioned to report the issue by tapping on this connection support@putindia.com

Infringement by User

You concur that in the occasion your posting, posting or your data disregards any arrangement of this AUP or the posting approach, we will reserve the option to end or potentially suspend your participation of the Site and decline to give you or any individual following up for your sake, access to the Site.


The Site contains content which incorporates Your Information, www.putindia.com's data and data from different clients. You make a deal to avoid duplicating, adjust, or circulate such substance (other than Your Information), www.putindia.com's copyrights or trademarks. At the point when you give us any substance as a major aspect of Your Information, you are giving us a non-select, around the world, ceaseless, unalterable, sovereignty free, sub-licensable right and permit to utilize, imitate, distribute, interpret, circulate, perform and show such substance (in entire or part) worldwide through the Site just as on any of our offshoots or accomplices sites, productions and versatile stage. We need these rights concerning the substance in Your Information to host and show your substance. If you accept that there is an infringement, it would be ideal if you inform us by email at support@putindia.com

We claim all authority to expel any such substance where we have justification for associating the infringement with these terms and our Listing Policy or of any gathering's privileges.


You make a deal to avoid holding www.putindia.com or any of its officials, workers, operators dependable or responsible for any of your posting, postings or data and nor will we, our officials, representatives or specialists be at risk for any abuse, criminal behaviour or outsider substance as most postings, postings or data are produced by different clients legitimately and we don't have any job in the creation, production or appropriation of the posting, posting of data, nor are we in a situation to have article authority over the substance or substance contained in the postings, postings, or data, spare and but to the degree gave in sec 3 above.

You comprehend and concur that we don't ensure the exactness or authenticity of any posting, posting, data by different clients. You further concur that we are not obligated for any loss of cash, altruism, or notoriety, or any extraordinary, roundabout, or weighty harms emerging out of your utilization of the site or because of any deal, acquisition of merchandise and enterprises with different clients of the site. We additionally can't ensure persistent or tie-down access to our Services. As needs are, to the degree legitimately allowed we bar all suggested guarantees, of merchantability, wellness or nature of the Site and our administrations.

Individual Information

By utilizing www.putindia.com, you consent to the assortment, move, stockpiling and utilization of any close to home data gave by you on the Site by www.putindia.com India Private Limited. The information is put away and controlled on servers situated in Mumbai, India as further depicted in our Privacy Policy. By presenting your resume with your answers, you offer authorization to www.putindia.com to openly show your resume which can be uninhibitedly gotten to by anybody. You likewise consent to get promoting correspondences from us except if you explicitly demonstrate in any case recorded as a hard copy to us through support@putindia.com You may send inquiries regarding this approach to support@putindia.com


We may refresh this AUP or the posting strategy whenever and may advise you of such updates by means of a post on the sheets and/or through email correspondences. The adjusted AUP and/or Listing Policy will become effective either at the time you place your next posting, posting or data on the Site or following a time of 30 days from the date of the update, whichever is sooner. On the off chance that we or our corporate subsidiaries are engaged with a merger or procurement, we may impart individual data to another organization, however, this AUP will keep on applying.

Outsider Content and Services

www.putindia.com may give, on its site, connections to locales worked by different substances. On the off chance that the client chooses to see this site, they will do as such at their own hazard, subject to that site's terms and states of utilization and protection strategy that might be unique in relation to those of this site. It is the client's obligation to take every single defensive measure to make preparations for infections or other dangerous components they may experience on these destinations. www.putindia.com makes no guarantee or portrayal with respect to, and don't underwrite any connected site or the data showing up subsequently or any of the items or administrations depicted consequently. Further, client's cooperations with associations as well as people found on or through the administration, including instalment and conveyance of products and enterprises, and some other terms, conditions, guarantees or portrayals related with such dealings, are exclusively between the client and such association as well as person. The client should cause whatever examination they to feel vital or proper before continuing with any disconnected or online exchange with any of these outsiders.


The User ought to consent to repay and hold www.putindia.com, its officials, backups, members, successors, allocates, chiefs, officials, operators, specialist organizations, providers and workers, innocuous from any case or request, including sensible lawyer charges and court costs, made by any outsider due to or emerging out of substance presented by the client, clients utilization of the administration, infringement of the TOU, break by the client of any of the portrayals and guarantees thus, or client's infringement of any privileges of another.

Administering Law and Jurisdiction

This Acceptable use approach and the Listing Policy will be represented and understood as per the laws of the Republic of India and the courts at Delhi will have elite purview on all issues and debates emerging out of and identifying with the Site.

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